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VST/AU 32 / 64 Bit MAC: 215 MB / PC: 128 MB

Pipes is a collection of instruments derived from a variety of cardboard tubes, aluminum spray cans, dreamcatchers, and PVC pipes. Even if the pitch of most of the sources is not stable, all instruments were manually tuned. Each instrument features from 3 to 6 Round Robin samples and up to 3 velocity layers. One of the main instruments is a sampled Wah Wah Tube (aka Vibratone): bell-like sound with a very long release and a dedicated control for overtones. There are a couple of sound designed patches derived from the original instruments along with Kontakt Multis ready to play.


  • 34 Instruments
  • Up to 6 Round Robin samples
  • Up to 3 Velocity layers
  • 188 Samples (44.1kHz / 24Bit)
  • Formats: AU and VST (32/64bit)
  • Platforms: OSX, Windows
  • Sample sets including:
    beer cans, cardboards, corrugated pipes, dreamcatchers, long PVC pipe, spray cans, vibratone


AudioThing Pipes GUI

pipes, tubes, spray Cardboards Cardboards Dream catcher

Corrugated pipe Can PVC pipe Wha Wha Tube a.k.a Vibratone