Soundscapes Vol.1 for Kontakt

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Kontakt 4.2.4 WAV 48kHz / 24 Bit 115 MB

Soundscapes, textures and ambiences ready to use as Kontakt instruments or WAV loops. These sounds are divided in two main categories: concrete and gear. The raw concrete samples were recorded in different places across Europe (Paris, Dublin, London and Naples) using studio or handy equipment. The raw gear samples were recorded from hardware synthesizers like a Custom Eurorack Modular Synth, guitar pedals and noisy toys like the Thingamagoop 2. Everything was then processed and boxed inside a Kontakt instrument with a custom performance view. The pitch bend is assigned to a ±24 pitch transpose, good for glitch effects. All samples are perfect loops, so if you don’t have Kontakt you can load them directly.


  • 30 Kontakt Instruments (.nki)
  • 10 Kontakt Multis (.nkm)
  • 31 Samples (48kHz / 24Bit)
  • Formats: Kontakt and WAV (loops)
  • Sample sets derived from:
    water/boiling, escalator, fans, fridge, rain, sand, violin, voices, mixed synths and effects.


Soundscape AU/VST GUI

Bowed Ride Escalator (Guinness Storehouse - Dublin, Ireland) Fan Custom Modular Synth

Notre Dame de Paris Rain (outside Louvre, Paris, France) Thingamagoop 2 Broken violin

Soundscapes Vol.1 was widely used in the soundtrack and sound design of the award winning indie game The Swapper. The game is an atmospheric 2D puzzle platformer, constructed using clay models and other everyday materials for a uniquely detailed look and feel.
The same feel that inspired most of the Soundscapes Vol.1 instruments.

the swapper