Vintage Mics/Microphones Impulse Responses

Old Times

Impulse Responses

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Old Times is a free impulse response library for Fog Convolver.
It features 40 impulse responses from old public domain recordings divided into 4 categories: 78 RPM, NASA, Radio, and Wax Cylinders. Most of the samples come from Internet Archive.


40 Impulse Responses
4 Categories: 78 RPM, NASA, Radio, and Wax Cylinders
11kHz-44.1kHz / 24Bit
Size: 3.4 MB
Formats: Fog Convolver and WAV


Open the file, and copy the content anywhere you want.
In Fog Convolver, click on the + button below the Bank list.
Then click on Add existing Bank.
Browse to the folder where you copied the bank and click open.

List of Impulse Responses
Apollo 11 Click
Apollo 11 Lift Off
Apollo 11 Noise
Apollo 11 Slow
Brass 1
Brass 2
Burst 1
Burst 2
Burst 3
Burst 4
Burst 5
Charleston – Drum 1
Charleston – Drum 2
Charleston – Noise
Charleston – Vibrato
Gemini IV Click
Gemini IV Pops
Gemini IV Static
Gemini IV Voice
Orchestra 1
Orchestra 2
Orchestra 3
Piano Chord
Radar Click
Radio Choir
Radio Noise 1
Radio Noise 2
Strings 1
Strings 2
Synth Noise
Vowel 1
Vowel 2
Vowel 3
Vowel 4
Wax Choir
Wax Noise 1
Wax Noise 2