Environments - Temple of Mercury

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Kontakt 4.2.4 WAV 44.1kHz / 24 Bit 150 MB

Environments is a series of sample libraries inspired by our research in sound environments and the relationship of sound and space.

Environments “Temple of Mercury” features sound gestures from a corrugated plastic pipe and the impulse response of the Temple of Mercury, situated in a wide caldera near the west of Naples (Italy). The Temple is also known as “The Echo Temple” for its several acoustic reflections caused by a dome vault and water on the floor. The temple is entirely made of tophus, and it has a diameter of 21.5 meters (71ft) and a circular opening in the vault reminiscent of the one in the Pantheon in Rome. The sampled instrument produces flute, horn, efxs, impulsive sounds, and, with a little electroacoustic modification, feedback sounds; all sounds are playable with or without the convolution of the Temple. This library was inspired by a video by Salvatore Carannante, a musician who plays common or recycled everyday objects as a way of interacting with the acoustic space.


  • 24 MachFive Programs (.M5p)
  • 5 MachFive Multis (.m5m)
  • 3 Round Robin samples
  • Up to 3 velocity layers
  • 87 Samples (44.1kHz / 24Bit)
  • 1 Impulse Response
  • Formats: Kontakt and WAV
  • Sample sets including:
    flute, horn, efxs, impulsive sounds, feedback sounds, sound designed instruments


AudioThing Environments - Temple of Mercury

Temple of Mercury Temple of Mercury Temple of Mercury Temple of Mercury

Temple of Mercury Temple of Mercury Temple of Mercury Temple of Mercury

Salvatore Carannante
Sound Designer

Salvatore is a pianist and electroacoustic composer/performer. He studied Piano and Electronic Music at Music Conservatory of Naples, Italy. He is helping to develop a series of sample libraries entitled “Environments”. His interests are in the research field as sound artist are focused on interaction between human-sound-environment. Many of his projects aim to the recycling of common objects into musical instruments.


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