FFrum is a free drum kit library for Native Instrument Kontakt. This kit derives from a cheap custom made set used for the recordings of this VideoSong.
No high quality multi samples, no velocity layers, no Round Robin, just single hits and a custom Kontakt interface.

The kit:
16″x14″ custom made bass drum with Remo Emperor head
14″x3,5″ Millennium steel snare drum
8″x8″ Basix TomTom
20″ Zildjian Scimitar Bronze ride cymbal
14″ Zildjian Shimitar Bronze hi-hat


  • 7 Samples (44.1kHz / 24Bit)
  • No multi samples
  • No velocity layers
  • No Round Robin
  • Custom performance view

Install 4 MB Installed

Full Kontakt version required Kontakt 3.5 full version required

AudioThing_FFrum_GUI  FFrum

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