Novation Xio Patches – Jumpstart

Novation Xio Patches – Jumpstart

Jumpstart is a collection of patches programmed over three years of live gigs and studio sessions for the Novation Xio (formerly XioSynth). There are four self-explained categories: Leads, Keys, Synth and Basses. Many patches where programmed with live needs such as differents volume levels, EQ and the most important thing every player should do: tweaking controls. The patches sound way better using the modulation and the XY pad of the Xio, the synthesizer becomes alive rather than, as sadly often happens, something static and cold. This product includes all single patches and the whole bank in sysex format. You will need the Xio Template Editor to upload the patches or just any sysex software.


  • 30 Patches
  • 4 Categories
  • Single patches and bank


Patches List
100-Ozric Lead
101-Scream Lead
102-Hard Lead
103-Moog Lead
104-Soft Lead
105-Fusion Lead
106-Liquid Lead
107-Flute Lead
108-Triangle Lead
109-Roundabout Lead   
110-Firth Lead
111-No Jumps
113-Acua R
114-Glass Harp
115-Enjoy Silence
116-Enjoy Sequence   
117-Ozric Pad
118-Ozric Stomach
119-Ocean Pad
121-Super 8bit
123-Organ 888
124-Church Organ   
126-E-Piano Wah
127-Spiral Bass
128-Blabla Bass
129-Mansion Bass

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