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[column type=”1/2″]Strings is a collection of sampled string instruments processed through the incredible features of iZotope Iris to get a wide range of new sounds. This soundset includes synths, pads, soundscapes, drones and various effects derived from strings samples. The instruments sampled were a Tenayo AutoHarp, a Romanian Toy Harp, a Baton Rouge Soprano Ukulele, a Chinese Violin and a Squier Bass. The modulation wheel is assigned to different parameters in each patch. You can also access the original samples to make your own presets.


50 Instruments
26 Samples (44.1kHz / 24Bit)
Size: MAC 377 MB / PC 230 MB
Formats: Iris and WAV
Sample sets including: autoharp, toy harp, ukulele, bowed violin, bass

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Once AudioThing_Iris_Strings.zip is downloaded, you need to unzip it using a type of software like WinRar or UnRarX and follow these steps:
– Locate your Iris Library Location, by default:
    OSX: Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/iZotope/Iris/Iris Library
    Windows 7: C:\Users\\Documents\iZotope\Iris\Iris Library
– Copy/move the Strings folder located inside the Patches folder from AudioThing_Iris_Strings into the Iris Library Patches folder
– Copy/move the Strings folder located inside the Samples folder from AudioThing_Iris_Strings into the Iris Library Samples folder

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