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Impulse Responses

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[column type=”1/2″]Old Times is a free impulse response library for Fog Convolver.
It features 40 impulse responses from old public domain recordings divided into 4 categories: 78 RPM, NASA, Radio, and Wax Cylinders. Most of the samples come from Internet Archive.


40 Impulse Responses
4 Categories: 78 RPM, NASA, Radio, and Wax Cylinders
11kHz-44.1kHz / 24Bit
Size: 3.4 MB
Formats: Fog Convolver and WAV

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Open the file AudioThing-OldTimes.zip, and copy the content anywhere you want.
In Fog Convolver, click on the + button below the Bank list.
Then click on Add existing Bank.
Browse to the folder where you copied the bank and click open.

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List of Impulse Responses
Apollo 11 Click
Apollo 11 Lift Off
Apollo 11 Noise
Apollo 11 Slow
Brass 1
Brass 2
Burst 1
Burst 2
Burst 3
Burst 4
Burst 5
Charleston – Drum 1
Charleston – Drum 2
Charleston – Noise
Charleston – Vibrato
Gemini IV Click
Gemini IV Pops
Gemini IV Static
Gemini IV Voice
Orchestra 1
Orchestra 2
Orchestra 3
Piano Chord
Radar Click
Radio Choir
Radio Noise 1
Radio Noise 2
Strings 1
Strings 2
Synth Noise
Vowel 1
Vowel 2
Vowel 3
Vowel 4
Wax Choir
Wax Noise 1
Wax Noise 2



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