Vintage Mics

Vintage Mics is a free impulse response library for Fog Convolver. It features 40 impulse responses of vintage microphones from 20 manufactures. Mostly ribbon microphones from the 30s to the 70s.

Revox B77 MK II

Revox B77 MK II ← Back to Museum We have been playing with tapes lately, meet our Revox B77 mkII #reeltoreel #tapes Una foto pubblicata …

Hand Clapper

Boss Hand Clapper HC-2 ← Back to Museum New toy #Boss #HandClapper Una foto pubblicata da AudioThing (@audiothing) in data: 21 Ott 2015 alle ore …


Found in a flea market, buried inside a box full of dust and cutlery, this balloon wine Glass has a bright and crystalline tone and long sustain. Hits were sampled with fingers, a piano hammer, a metal stick, and palm of the hand. Additional sounds produced with wet fingers on the border, small screws thrown inside the goblet, and processed slowed down hits for the atmospheric pads.

Soundscapes Vol.1 (VST/AU)

Soundscapes, textures and ambiences ready to use as VST/AU plug-in. These sounds are divided in two main categories: concrete and gear. The raw concrete samples were recorded in different places across Europe (Paris, Dublin, London and Naples) using studio or handy equipment. The raw gear samples were recorded from hardware synthesizers like a Custom Eurorack Modular Synth, guitar pedals and noisy toys like the Thingamagoop 2.


  FFrum is a free drum kit library for Native Instrument Kontakt. This kit derives from a cheap custom made set used for the recordings …

Bundle: Acoustic

[column type=”1/2″] [custom_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ style=”margin-top: 10px;”]Kontakt Acoustic Bundle[/custom_headline] 14 libraries – 20% off [showPriceLegacy product=”acousticbundle” type=”full”] [x_icon type=”cart-arrow-down”] ADD TO CART [/column][column type=”1/2″ …

Massive Spheres

[showPriceLegacy product=”massive-spheres” type=”full”] Add to Cart View Cart Massive 1.2.1 KSD / NMSV 816 KB Spheres is a collection of 64 patches for Massive including …

Bundle: Synths

[column type=”1/2″] [custom_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ style=”margin-top: 10px;”]Kontakt Synth Bundle[/custom_headline] 8 libraries – 20% off [showPriceLegacy product=”kontaktsynthbundle” type=”full”] [x_icon type=”cart-arrow-down”] ADD TO CART [/column][column type=”1/2″ …

Complete Kontakt Bundle

[column type=”2/3″][lightbox][image src=”//” alt=”AudioThing Complete Kontakt Bundle – Sample Libraries” link=”true”][/column][column type=”1/3″ last=”true”][custom_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ style=”margin-top: 10px;”]Complete Kontakt[/custom_headline] 30 libraries – 25% off [showPriceLegacy …


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