Outer Space

Vintage Tape Echo

Outer Space, Roland Space Echo Emulation Plugin - RE201

The Space Echo Plugin

Outer Space is a faithful emulation plugin of a famous vintage tape echo made in the early seventies.

As the original unit, Outer Space features a tape echo section with three playback heads and two spring reverb tanks.

We have modelled three different tape frequency responses and saturations, along with all the analog imperfections of tape recording/playback.

We have also modelled the ballistic response of the delay rate (repeat rate) which can create eerie pitch shifts (due to the Doppler effect), one of the classic tape echo-based sound effects.

Space Echo

Introduced in 1974, the Roland Space Echo RE-201 was an instant hit among engineers, guitar players, and dub pioneers.
A real analog system providing both tape echo and spring reverb for a rich and organic sound.

Roland Space Echo RE-201 (Tape Echo)
Roland Space Echo RE-201 (Tape Echo)
Roland Space Echo RE-201 (Tape Heads Photo)

More Features

  • Volume/Pan for each Head
  • Low/Hi Cut for Feedback Section
  • Ducking control
  • Pre-Emphasis Filter
  • Rate Ballistic control
  • Variable Speed (± 50 ms)
  • Preamp switch
  • and more!
Outer Space Drop Down Panel
Space Echo - Outer Space - Tape Heads

Tape Modelling

We’ve modelled three different tape types.

The original RT-1L, a more modern replacement, and an older worn out tape. Each tape will affect the sound in a subtle but different way, especially at higher feedback (Intensity) settings.

WOW/Flutter, Ducking, and other parameters will also change according to the selected tape, creating different amount of pitch and volume changes.

Changing the speed of the repetitions (Repeat Rate) will also affect the tape frequency response.

Mode Selector

Just like the original unit, with the Mode selector you can choose 12 different combinations of echo playback heads and reverb:

  • 4 Echo only
  • 7 Echo+Reverb
  • 1 Reverb only
Outer Space Mode Selector Knob



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Matthew Sims (Audio Engineer / Producer)

“Outer Space is a must have – bringing your creativity to a new level. Being a mixer, the importance of having a collection of plugins and analog gear at my disposal is paramount.”

Matthew Sims. Audio Engineer / Producer who has worked with artists Pusha T, Usher, Frank Ocean, J Cole, Bon Jovi, Kai, Jennifer Lopez, Pentatonix, Lewis Hamilton, Craig David, Elle King, Post Malone, Lauryn Hill, Mike Posner, Keith Richards and more.

Outer Space Demo

Try Outer Space for free with some limitations: silence for 3 seconds every 45 seconds, saving disabled.
If you like it, you can purchase a license and then authorize the demo version.


Requires macOS 10.9 or higher
AU, VST2, VST3, AAX, CLAP (64bit only)


Requires Windows 7 or higher
VST2, VST3, AAX, CLAP (64bit only)


Requires Ubuntu 20.04 or newer
VST2, VST3, CLAP (64bit only)


  • Vintage Tape Echo
  • 3 Tape modes: Original, Modern, Old
  • Spring Reverb (Dark/Bright and Short/Long)
  • Background Noise with Envelope
  • Oversample up to 16x
  • Resizable Window
  • Preset system with randomizer

Download the Manual (PDF)

System Requirements

 Windows 7 – 11
VST2, VST3, AAX, CLAP (64-bit)

 OS X 10.9 – macOS 13
VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, CLAP (64-bit)
Universal 2 Binary

 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
VST2, VST3, CLAP (64-bit)

Copy Protection

To activate your plugin you can choose between Online and Offline authorization.
Create an account, log in through the plugin to activate, or download your license file for offline activation.


1 license up to 3 computers

No iLok

We don’t like dongles

No Internet

No connection required to activate

2023/06/16: v1.3.5

  • Added: AAX Silicon Support
  • Added: CLAP plugin format
  • Added: Linux VST2, VST3, CLAP plugin formats
  • Added: Windows 11 support

2022/05/05: v1.3.3

  • Added: macOS 12 Monterey support
  • Improved: CPU and memory usage
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

2022/02/10: v1.3.2

  • Added: macOS 11 Big Sur support (Universal 2 Binary)
  • Added: Light and Dark UI mode
  • Added: Option to enable Accelerated GUI
  • Improved: Oversample Algorithm

2020/08/12: v1.3.1

  • Improved: Reduced bright reverb Pre-Delay
  • Fixed: Noise not working as previous versions

2020/08/11: v1.3

  • Added: New Reverb Type: Bright
  • Added: Internal support for left-hand mouse users
  • Improved: macOS CPU usage
  • Fixed: Rare crash on Windows systems when upgrading from older versions
  • Fixed: Global settings not saving properly

2020/05/01: v1.2.6

  • Fixed: Echo Time displayed backward (bug introduced in v1.2.5)
  • Fixed: Minor graphics issues when closing multiple plugins
  • Fixed: VST3 UI issue on Windows with scaling over 100%
  • Improved: Joined Parameter lock and Random lock
  • Improved: Synced values offset is retained when moving Repeat Rate
  • Improved: Plugin tail now returns infinity (bypassing the VST3 auto-suspend in some hosts)

2019/11/28: v1.2.5

  • Added: macOS 10.15 Catalina support
  • Added: Parameter Lock
  • Added: Edit Value option for Knobs
  • Added: Notification System
  • Improved: Reverb Section HQ mode
  • Improved: Bypass State GUI
  • Improved: Buffer Clear (now includes the reverb tail)
  • Improved: CPU and memory usage
  • Fixed: Bypass Button not working
  • Fixed: Minor graphic issues for some automations

2019/01/31: v1.2.1

  • Improved: Clear Buffer on Playback/Reset of the Host
  • Improved: Dropdown panel stays open/closed as selected by the user
  • Improved: Partial support for retina displays
  • Added: Online Authorization Form
  • Fixed: Gain inconsistencies when changing samplerate on some hosts
  • Fixed: Meta-parameter (Repeat Rate) issue
  • Fixed: Phase issue when Pre-Amp is enabled
  • Fixed: Random crash on Mojave with Logic Pro 10.4.3

2018/05/18: v1.2.0

  • Improved: All additional controls are now available in a dropdown panel
  • Improved: CPU performance on both Echo and Reverb sections
  • Added: Global option to switch Echo and Reverb Volume parameters curve (linear or audio taper)
  • Added: VST3 plugin format
  • Added: 10 New Presets
  • Fixed: MAC with High Sierra (APFS) presets scrambled
  • Fixed: Wet Only Lock bug
  • Fixed: Minor graphic glitches

2017/10/18: v1.1.0

  • Added: Meter selector + Gain (input/output)
  • Added: Volume/Pan for each head
  • Added: Low/Hi Cut for feedback section
  • Added: Ducking
  • Added: Pre-Emphasis
  • Added: Rate Ballistic
  • Added: Variable Speed (+/- 50 ms)
  • Added: Stereo Delay amount (in ms)
  • Added: Noise Tone
  • Added: Preamp switch
  • Added: Preset Copy/Paste to/from Clipboard
  • Added: Global option – Switch off the feedback loop clearing on playback
  • Added: Global option – Resizable Window
  • Added: 10 new presets
  • Improved: Preamp section
  • Improved: Noise Section
  • Fixed: Synced values recall bug
  • Fixed: Plugin scan bug on some 32bit host

2017/05/01: v1.0.5

  • Added: Wet Only Lock function
  • Fixed: Mode selector showing wrong value when automated
  • Fixed: WaveLab issue with Synced presets
  • Fixed: Pro Tools 12.7.1+ CPU bug
  • Fixed: Bypass Automation CPU bug

2017/03/29: v1.0.3

  • Added: Reverb DSP switches off when Reverb Volume is set to 0 (to save CPU)
  • Fixed: Offline Rendering bug on some hosts
  • Fixed: Feedback loop not clearing properly on some hosts
  • Fixed: Dry leaking into Reverb section
  • Fixed: GUI keyboard focus error (especially the Return key)

2017/03/24: v1.0.2

  • Added: Delay now clears the feedback loop after playback restarts
  • Added: Drop-down menu for synced values
  • Added: You can now click on the Mode dial values to change mode
  • Fixed: Pro Tools bug where Heads values were not recalling correctly on saved projects
  • Fixed: Noise and Intensity Random Lock

2017/03/18: v1.0.1

  • Added: Bypass button will clear the feedback loop
  • Added: Loading presets will also clear the feedback loop
  • Fixed: Oversampling bug in Wavelab 9
  • Fixed: WOW/Flutter not working in Sync
  • Fixed: Treble knob bug (was engaged even at 0)
  • Fixed: Minor GUI issues

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