Experience and familiarity with our products and line of business is a plus.
Due to the high volume of applications that we receive, we are unable to reply to everyone.

DSP Engineer

We are looking for a talented DSP Engineer to help us create and implement physical/spectral models for plugin instruments.
We are also interested in: analog/circuit modeling, machine learning, and experimental stuff.

Must have:

  • Deep knowledge of C++.
  • Proficient in JUCE and its coding standard.
  • Good knowledge of English or Italian.
  • Fast Internet connection.

Good to have:

  • Previous work experience.
  • Musical background.

Either part-time or full-time remote/freelance position.

Video Content Creator

We are looking for a talented Content Creator that will help create content for our website and social media channels.
Focus on: full and short videos (tutorials, how-tos, demos) for youtube, instagram, tiktok, ads, etc…

Must have:

  • Experience in the Pro Audio field.
  • Perfect knowledge of written and spoken English.
  • Good knowledge of video editing.

Good to have:

  • Previous work experience.
  • Good cameras for OTB video content

Freelance position.

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