Vintage Transistor Organ

Philicorda, Vintage Transistor Organ - VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, CLAP

The 60s Home Organ Sound

Philicorda is a faithful plugin emulation of the legendary 1960s Philips* Philicorda organ.
This plugin replicates the transistor-based sound of the later GM751 models, delivering the distinctively warm yet clear tones that made the Philicorda a classic.

Like the original hardware, Philicorda features a vibrato circuit, a spring reverb, and two speakers. We have also added some extra features: overdrive, envelope generator, leakage, bias, and key click.

Philicorda is available for MAC, PC, and LINUX (VST, VST3, AU, AAX, CLAP, 64-bit only), and also as AUv3 and Standalone on the App Store.

Philicorda Organ

The Philicorda organ, introduced in the 1960s, was the first musical instrument produced by Philips. The model we emulated, the GM751, had several revisions. Early versions had tube preamps, and later ones were all-transistor. Our emulation is based on an all-transistor model.

Top Octave Generator

The Philicorda utilizes a Top Octave Synthesizer circuit, featuring 12 oscillators for the upper octave notes, with ‘octave divider’ circuits generating lower octaves. This technology ensures that the same notes on different octaves are in sync and won’t generate the classic phasing issues of sample-based instruments. Each oscillator generates a saw-like waveform by layering multiple overdriven sine waves (nearly squares) at different octaves and volumes. The bias controls the mix between these layers.

The Plugin

Our plugin captures the unique character of the Philicorda, including the signature spring reverb (on some models called Reverbeo). While the spring reverb and speakers are meticulously sampled to preserve their original sound, the core of the Philicorda’s tone generation is fully algorithmic, allowing for a realistic and accurate emulation, surpassing the limitations of sample-based instruments.

Also available on iOS

Philicorda is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store, as a AUv3 plugin and Standalone (IAA).

Philicorda Demo

Try Philicorda for free with some limitations: silence for 3 seconds every 45 seconds, saving disabled.
If you like it, you can purchase a license and then authorize the demo version.


Requires macOS 10.13 or higher
AU, VST2, VST3, AAX, CLAP (64bit only)


Requires Windows 7 or higher
VST2, VST3, AAX, CLAP (64bit only)


Requires Ubuntu 20.04 or newer
VST2, VST3, CLAP (64bit only)


  • Octave Selectors (8′, 4′, 2′)
  • VOX Selectors (I to V)
  • Vibrato, Spring Reverb, Overdrive
  • Envelope Generator
  • Leakage Control
  • Bias Control
  • Key Click Emulation
  • Resizable Window
  • Preset system with randomizer
  • Brightness and Contrast Controls

Download the Manual (PDF)

System Requirements

 Windows 7 – 11
VST2, VST3, AAX, CLAP (64-bit)

 macOS 10.13 – macOS 14
VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, CLAP (64-bit)
Universal 2 Binary

 Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
VST2, VST3, CLAP (64-bit)

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* Philicorda is not affiliated with, sponsored, nor endorsed by Philips.

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