10th Anniversary

We’ve been making audio products for ten years, and we’d like to mark the occasion by looking back at the history of AudioThing and looking forward to its future.

The Dolby A Trick

The Dolby® A Trick was a technique used in the late 60s and early 70s to enhance the top end of recordings, especially vocal tracks, by using the encoding stage of a noise reduction unit.

Moving Forward

Moving Forward

In February 2018 we sent a survey to our customers to help us plan things for the future. We need to make a few changes to improve the quality of our products, customer service, and website.

How to make Ambient Soundscapes

How to make Ambient Soundscapes

This is not a step-by-step tutorial on how to make soundscapes, but rather a collection of tips and processes that I’ve learned over the years on how to make ambient soundscapes.

Making of The Orb (cover)

Making of The Orb

Working on an audio plugin requires a lot of focus on several different aspects. The first step is always trying to find a good product idea, something new that’s never done before, or a different (perhaps better) take on something that’s already there.


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