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Offer expired, thank you!

Massivize your sound! AudioThing and Audiority togheter again with a no brainer bundle including 128 presets for NI Massive!

Until the end of September, you can purchase both AudioThing Massive Spheres and Audiority Massive Dubstep for a mere $12!

Don’t miss this chance!

[two_columns border=”border”]Massive Dubstep
Massive Dubstep is a carefully programmed collection of 64 brand new sounds crafted for dubstep, grime, drum & bass. Almost all presets are provided with performance controls to further enhance your sound experience.
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  • 64 Patches
  • KSD File format
  • Macro Controls assigned to main parameters
  • Native Instruments Massive 1.1.5 or upper is required

[/two_columns][two_columns_last border=”border”]Massive Spheres
Spheres is a collection of 64 patches for Massive including pads, leads, basses, soundscapes, synth tuned percussions/mallets, sequences and more. These patches weren’t designed for a specific genre, instead they were crafted trying to follow a leitmotiv: round shapes, bouncing sounds and circular sequences.
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  • 64 Patches
  • Multiformat: KSD and NMSV
  • Macro Controls assigned to main parameters
  • Native Instruments Massive 1.2.1 or 1.3.0 is required


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